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Nino Eremashvili

She has worked for a long time in non-governmental organizations in Georgia, to finally find the passion of her life – intercultural exchanges – tourism allows her to meet many extraordinary people, interesting, and interested in culture, history, customs, traditions, way of life, actual situation and also Georgian politics, in short, she shares with passion all her knowledge while enriching herself with the culture of her hosts.

“The journey without a good guide is the sunless day or the colorless picture” – this is her favorite expression. She justifies this expression well, by transmitting with extraordinary emotion her knowledge of the culture, traditions and current situation of her country. She illuminates and animates the stay of her tourists with stories and legends and creates an atmosphere of relaxation and friendship among even unknown tourists. She opens all doors and hearts for you, organizes extraordinary and enriching meetings, as well as making you taste the delicacies of exceptional Georgian cuisine and carrying the traditional toasts. She is also a hiking and trekking guide in the ravines and valleys of the Greater Caucasus as well as a cultural guide in ancient sites.

Favorite trip?

Discovering Tushetie

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The most impressive corner of Georgia?


Favorite activity?

Reading, trekking

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