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Azerbaijan getaway

Azerbaijan getaway

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Located near Armenia and Georgia, between Iran and Russia, with its feet in the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is one of those countries that fascinates with its diversity. In this mid-Europe and mid-Asia region, this country can only attract visitors. In this trip we will take you to discover the essentials of what Azerbaijan can offer: magnificent landscapes, incredibly chiseled mountains, small villages, palaces, churches and a very rich architectural heritage.

Tour Plan


Arrival - Baku

Arrive in Baku, meeting at the airport and transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Baku.


Visit the capital Baku

City tour of Baku - the capital of Azerbaijan, once a small fishing port fortified the city owes its extraordinary development to oil. visit the cemetery of Martyrs located with a beautiful panorama over the bay of Baku: the palace of Chirvan Shahs (15th century), the old town, the tower of virgin (XII C), the caravanserai of Bukhara (XIV C) the mosques, the crossroad points of the traders, etc…

Visit the museum of history in Baku.

Walking hours: 3 h. Overnight in Baku.


Cult of Fire

Visit the Absheron Peninsula that extends into the Caspian Sea and strange monument surrounded by an aura of mystery: the Temple of Fire Worshippers. It is a land full of naphtha, the innumerable wisp which has given rise to the Cult of Fire. Fortified since Roman times, the peninsula has preserved several medieval fortresses and one of them is Mardakyan.

Continue to Mamedly to visit "Yanardag" (burning mountain) that burns with an eternal fire, fueled by the natural gas from the basement.

Return back to Baku.

Transfer: Private vehicle, around 1h20, 50 km. Overnight in Baku


Gobustan – the volcanic area

Departure to Gobustan, volcanic area and archaeological site, 70 km from Baku. Between the rivers Pirsagat and Goslu, more than 6000 petroglyphs and other prehistoric objects have been identified in the caves and on the rocks. The oldest findings dates back to the Stone Age.

Return back to Baku and visit the museum of carpets.

Transfer: Private vehicle, around 2h, 140 km. Overnight in Baku.


Exploring the mausoleums and the mosque

Departure to Chamakha. Visit Shemakha, former residence of the Shirvan Shahs and museum of seven domes and mosque. Visit the mausoleums of Sufi masters Diri Baba and Pirsaat Pir. Explore the Yeddi Gumbaz mausoleums, the 12th and the 13th centuries mosques.

Difficult road, along the river, goes to the mountains, we arrive in Lahic, a medieval village, founded by the Sassanid king Kaikhosro. Overlooking a canyon, it is village of beautiful 18th and 19th century houses, an interesting mosque, a hammam and numerous of workshops. Walking in the village we can meet different kind of craftsmen and see their work.

Departure for the city Gabala.

Transfer: Private vehicle, around 4h30, 260 km. Walking hours: 2 h. Overnight in Gabala.


On the trail of the former Albanian country in the Caucasus

In the morning visit the town of Gabala, founded 1800 years ago, which was the capital of Caucasus Albania. Visit its open-air museum rich with archaeological excavations.

Then we visit the History Museum and the Albanian Church in Nij, which was the seat of the Catholicos of the Albanian Church in the 11th century.

Departure to Kish, a small village perched on the mountain, here we visit a very old Albanian church dating back to the 1st century.

Arrive in Sheki.

Transfer: Private vehicle, around 2h, 110 km. Walking hours: 1 h. Overnight in Sheki. 


Palace of Khans and halva

Discover Sheki town. Visit the Upper Town, a classified area with the houses, 18th century fortress, the magnificent Palace of Sheki Khans. Visit the workshop of Halva, a popular dessert in Sheki.

Return back to Baku.

Transfer: Private vehicle, around 4h10, 300 km. Overnight in Baku. 


Baku - Departure

Transfer to the airport, departure.

Tour Location

ITINERARY Day 1 - Arrival - Baku Day 2 - Baku Day 3 - Baku - Apsheron - Yanar Dag - Baku Day 4 - Baku - Gobustan - Baku Day 5 - Baku - Shamakha - Lahic - Gabala Day 6 - Gabala - Nij - Kish - Sheki Day 7 - Sheki - Baku Day 8 - Baku - Departure