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Transcaucasia – Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

Transcaucasia – Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan

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The tour offers you traveling in 3 countries of Transcaucasia in the south of the Caucasus: Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. They have in common colorful historical background, big number of historical sites, fascinating landscapes, myths and legends and special Caucasian hospitality. Armenia – a country to be the first to convert to Christianity in 301, impressing churches, a museum of old manuscripts and confirming the existence of antique Erebun state there in IX BC. Georgia – country of myths and legends, mountain regions, historical sites, architectural cites of IV-XIX centuries, viticulture and wine-making. Azerbaijan –  famous for its fascinating landscapes and eastern sculptures, mausoleums and mosques of XII-XIII CC, oil deposit mines, volcanoes of mud and areas with permanent fire as a result of existing natural gas in the ground.

Tour Plan


Arrival - Yerevan

Arrive in Armenia, transfer to the hotel.
Overnight in Yerevan.

Visit of the ancient Armenian capital

Visit Echmiadzin, ancient capital of Armenia. On the way visit the beautiful church of St. Hripsime (VII C), Etchmiadzin Cathedral and the ruins of Zvartnots temple in the heart of Ararat plain. Visit History Museum in Yerevan.

Overnight in Yerevan.

From pagan civilization to Christianity

Discover Armenian capital, urban green city with Soviet and pink stone facades. Visit Matenadaran Institute of Manuscripts and Genocide Memorial Museum. Exploring the pagan Armenian civilization, overlooking the Azat Valley and Garni. Visit summer residence of Armenia’s king of the 1st C AD and the Geghart monastery surrounded by a strong fortified wall carved into the rock.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Monastery Day

Visit Monastery Khor Virap, admire the Ararat Mountain. Visit Noravank monastery (XIII c.) on the top of a canyon and Tatev monastery. Taking the longest cable car in the world listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
Overnight in Goris.

Caravanserai of the Middle Ages

Departure for Lake Sevan. Visit a Karahundj Ancient Observatory. Cross the Selim Pass, visit a Caravanserai Mountain of Middle Ages and Noradouze Cemetery famous for its stone carvings. Arrive Tsarkadzor (throat flowers).

Overnight at Tsarkadzor.

Discovery of Lake Sevan

Pass Lake Sevan, visit the churches of Saint Apostles and Our Lady. Explore the landscapes of the north. Visit Dilijan a small resort marked by its unique architecture, stone houses with carved wooden balconies. Visit Haghartsin and Goshavank Monastery.

Overnight in Dilijan.

From Armenia to Georgia

Departure for Alaverdi, discover some of the finest examples of Armenian art. Short break of Odzun. Continue to the Sanahin ensemble. A winding road leads to the monastery of Haghpat. Both sites are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Formalities in Bagratashen (border). Arrive in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Visit the capital of Georgia

City tour of Tbilisi: Metekhi Church, delight with unforgettable panoramic views over the river Mtkvari and the main attractions of Tbilisi old district, Narikala Fortress - the ancient symbol of the city, Sioni built in 6th-7th CC, synagogue, the only remaining mosque in Tbilisi, etc. Visit Abanotubani sulfur baths. Visitors will walk to the pedestrian street Sharden. Visit Museum of Fine Arts.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

From the UNESCO sites to the Great Caucasus

Departure for Mtskheta - an old capital of Iberia kingdom, visit Jvari (Cross) perched on a hill and overlooking the confluence of the Aragvi and Mtkvari rivers. Visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral ("Life-giving column") - 11th. On the way of Kazbegi visit Ananuri Castel with picturesque views over Jinvali Reservoir. Cross the legendary Georgian Military Highway, one of the world’s most beautiful roads, through steep wooded valleys, ravines and finally over the 2300 meter Cross Pass. Hiking (6 km, 3 hours) to Gergeti Trinity  Church.

Dinner and overnight in Kazbegi.

Explore troglodyte site

Visit Gori – birth place and museum of Joseph Stalin. Explore Uplistsikhe Cave Town.

Dinner and overnight in Kutaisi.

From West to South

City tour of Kutaisi. Visit renovated Bagrati Cathedral – symbol of the city and Gelati Monastery recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Departure for Borjomi remarkable for its mineral waters. Visit Rabati Fortress in Akhaltsikhe.

Dinner and overnight in Vardzia.

Visit one of the masterpieces of the Golden Age

Visit Vardzia Cave Town - high mountains and rock cliffs, special kind of architecture. Return back to Tbilisi pass Tsalka, visit Poka monastery, enjoy with beautiful surroundings of Paravani Lake.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Explore homeland of Wine

Departure to the East part of Georgia  Kakheti Region, homeland of wine. Visit Ikalto monastery and academy. Visit Alaverdi Cathedral. Visit local Wine Cellar, get known more about making Qvevri wine, degustation. Short break Telavi. The route continues to Tsinandali - family estate, museum, vinery.

Dinner and overnight in Telavi.

From Kakheti to Azerbaijan

Visit Gremi  located on a hill and composed wonderful landscapes. Visit Nekresi monastery complex. Cross the border Azerbaijan. Visit Sheki, one of the oldest cultural centers of Azerbaijan, famous for its variety of folk handicrafts.

Overnight in Sheki.

Khan's and Shah's Residences

Visit the Upper Town, magnificent Palace of Sheki Khans. Visit the old town and the Craft Museum. Departure to Kish - a small village perched with the ruins of an ancient Albanian church. Enjoy with beautiful panoramas. Visit Shemakha, former residence of the Shirvan Shahs and museum of seven domes and mosque. On the way of Baku, stop near the Mausoleum of Diri Baba, visit.

Overnight in Baku.

Absheron peninsula

City tour of Baku. Once a small fishing port fortified the city owes its extraordinary development to oil. Visit Palace of Shirvan Shahs. Discovery of the Temple of Fire Worshippers on Absheron peninsula. Visit the Absheron peninsula that extends into the Caspian Sea and strange monument surrounded by an aura of mystery: the Temple of Fire Worshippers.

Overnight in Baku.

Gobustan - volcanic zone

Departure for Gobustan, volcanic and archaeological site. Visit Museum of Gobustan and one of the most unique natural phenomena of Azerbaijan mud volcanoes. On the way of Baku visit Carpet Museum or Historical Museum.

Overnight in Baku.

Baku - departure

Transfert to aeroport. Departure.

Tour Location

ITINERARY Day 1 - Arrival - Yerevan Day 2 - Visit of the ancient Armenian capital Day 3 - From pagan civilization to Christianity Day 4 - Monastery Day Day 5 - Caravanserai of the Middle Ages Day 6 - Discovery of Lake Sevan Day 7 - From Armenia to Georgia Day 8 - Visit the capital of Georgia Day 9 - From the UNESCO sites to the Great Caucasus Day 10 - Explore troglodyte site Day 11 - From West to South Day 12 - Visit one of the masterpieces of the Golden Age Day 13 - Explore homeland of Wine Day 14 - From Kakheti to Azerbaijan Day 15 - Khan's and Shah's Residences Day 16 - Absheron peninsula Day 17 - Gobustan - volcanic zone Day 18 - Baku - departure