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Where to stay in Georgia

 Accommodation in Georgia 


In this section, we provide information about Georgia’s hotel service. For visitors to Georgia, there are quite a few accommodation choices. On the territory of the country, you can meet almost all types of hotels. 4 or 5-star luxury hotels, very typical boutique hotels, hostels for young people, apartments, and family hotels in the regions with their local hosts who welcome you into their homes, for my part I love the latter thanks to the warm welcome. The type of hotels depends a lot on the region where you are going to stay. Follow us for a better understanding of the specificities of each region to make a better choice.

Hotels in major cities

International chain hotels

Several famous hotel chains are present in Georgia such as Marriott, Sheraton, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Best Western, Le Méridien, The Biltmore, Citadine, Hilton, etc. These hotels are 4* or 5* with international standards and also are less typical. If you want to stay in one of these hotels, you should know that they are generally found in large cities and their surroundings. Most chain hotels are located in Tbilisi –the capital of Georgia or Batumi – the seaside city on the Black Sea. But in recent times wine region of Kakheti has also some high-quality chain hotels and it is always a pleasure for me to stay in one of them while visiting Kakheti. If you prefer these chain hotels but at the same time want to visit other places in the country, there is no problem, some destinations are doable in a day from Tbilisi, Batumi or Kutaisi, so you will not miss interesting sights and will stay in your favorite hotels.

Charming hotels

Boutique hotels

Typical, boutique hotels are quite popular among visitors. The serenity and the warm atmosphere found there are one of the important reasons for choosing these types of hotels. I like how boutique hotels welcome their guests. Boutique hotels are spread all over the territory of the country. As in the capital and the big cities, so in the villages of regions. If you want to avoid big chain hotels but the quality of accommodation is important, you can choose this type of hotel, with comfort, interesting design, and good location. If you are looking for a similar hotel in Tbilisi, we recommend hotels located in the old district – here the views are magnificent and you will feel at the heart of all the cultural and social events happening in the city. In regions like Kakheti, Svaneti, and Kazbegi the boutique hotels are of very good quality with mountain views and in the semi-traditional style. Good boutique hotels are available in seaside towns or the various winter or summer resorts. So, it’s too easy to find the accommodation of your preferences.

Classy local hotels

The luxury hotels of the Georgian brand

If you want luxury hotels but you are more interested in locally born hotels and services and not chain hotels you will not be left empty-handed. After the development of tourism, we started to build some good quality hotels before the big chains entered Georgia. These hotels continue to receive visitors and maintain the same quality as the chain hotels simply if in chain hotels the service is the same everywhere in the world, in the hotels of the Georgian brand you will become familiar with Georgian hospitality because these hotels emphasize local character. These hotels do not have the same standards as chain hotels and in addition in the country there is no standardization manual to follow for hotels but this does not prevent them from guaranteeing quality. Where do you find this type of hotel? Especially in Tbilisi and the country’s big cities like Batumi and Kutaisi. Do not hesitate to choose them to invest in the sustainability of the country’s economy.

Hotels in the middle of nature

Local Resorts

When talking about hotels in Georgia, it is necessary to mention hotel complexes that are located in nature, usually around a lake, or in a wooded environment. About 15 years ago, one of the first complexes was built in the Kakheti region around Lake Lopota. This novelty has greatly changed the vision of hotel service in Georgia and has become a place of relaxation and good memories for visitors. This hotel is ideal for those who like holidays with family or friends. The complex has several functional buildings, open or closed swimming pools, bars for nightlife, Georgian or European restaurants, quite often local wine cellars, stadiums, trails for hiking, and the lake for fishing in. The most important thing is that by staying in the complex you can fill your day and have a lot of fun. These hotels are intended for long weekends. I highly recommend them to our visitors, because each time I visit these hotels, I find myself in the magical atmosphere again and this feeling stays with me for a long time after these visits.

Particularly liked by visitors

Design Hotels

While choosing hotel design and style play a crucial role, knowing this much attention is paid to the development of this type of hotel. A local chain of hotels offers its visitors the local product with a very interesting design, class service, and good location in Tbilisi and Stepantsminda. Tbilisi hotels are located in the heart of the city’s commercial district. With their cafes for business meetings or friendly get-togethers, with the exceptional service of high quality, these hotels are very popular among visitors. One of the most popular hotels of this local chain is in Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) and a large number of visitors arrive in Georgia precisely to stay in this hotel. Also, for me, the Kazbegi hotel is one of the best places to rest, surrounded by great mountains and amazing views of Mount Kazbegi. Its terraces with splendid panoramas and of course its design attract people.

Hotels in rural areas


We present to you another type of hotel which is widely spread in the Kakheti region (but not only) it is a castle-type hotel which is characterized by an interesting building design and well-appointed courts. The castle is generally in the possession of a family and specializes in the production of alcoholic beverages, especially wine. The castles are erected in the heart of the vineyards and allow visitors to engage in diversified activities such as participation in the harvest, winemaking, or various culinary workshops. I love these activities which are very fun and dynamic. I remember my first emptying in a castle and it was magnificent. The size of the hotels, the local people who work there, the nature, the calm, the rural environment, and the comfort create a pleasant atmosphere for those who wish to get away from the urban routine. Good service and a warm welcome are reasons why we recommend this type of hotel.

Quality and friendly prices

Budget hotels

If you focus on the journey itself, on the discoveries, and plan to be on the move throughout your stay, then the unique style and distinctive design may be less important. In this case budget hotels are for you. These 3* hotels are of good quality, with good service, cleanliness is well respected, their location is good and at the same time, the prices are friendlier than in the big chain hotels. Budget hotels are almost everywhere. There is a large selection in Tbilisi or in big cities, but it is easy to find them in remote areas. By choosing these hotels you save more without refusing quality and comfort everywhere, as in Tbilisi as well as in the regions, because myself during my professional visits I prefer this type of hotel and I am always happy with it.


Ideal for young people

We must not forget young travelers who are not interested in hotels but rather prefer to have cheaper accommodation, in the city center or in the regions. Hostels are housed in ordinary apartments, the atmosphere is friendly, prices are low and cleanliness is respected. Tbilisi is not the only city where you can stay in a hostel, Batumi, Kutaisi, Kazbegi, Borjomi, and other cities can receive young people looking for hostels. After my visit to several Georgian hostels, in order to check the quality, I can advise interested people that hostels in Georgia meet the cleanliness requirements and are pleasant to stay in.

A warm welcome in the regions


The last but one of the most interesting types of accommodation is a family hotel – guesthouses. I must admit that I love family hotels in Georgia at the end I will explain why. It’s a concept that involves relations between visitors and hosts, exchanges of cultures, and traditions, communication to better understand the daily life of the country and the people, etc. So the family hotel is much more than just a place where you spend the night and prepare for the next day. The history of family hotels begins 20 years ago. When the country began to take the first steps in the field of tourism, accommodation in the regions was scarce, at that time some locals in the different tourist areas decided to receive visitors at home. Over time, with increasing demands, their houses have been transformed into small hotels with about ten rooms where family members take care of everything, from cleaning, boarding, reservations, accounting, etc. At the beginning of each tourist season, we travel from one region to another to discover good family hotels that offer a combination of quality and authenticity that is also valued among people who seek unforgettable adventures and human relations and it is precisely for that’s why I like family hotels, I feel at home there, like next to my loved ones.

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