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Discovering Tusheti

Discovering Tusheti

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If you come to Georgia, you will feel the true magic of nature, the highlands … You will walk on the edge of Christianity and paganism, and conquer narrow mountain trails on steep cliffs, and finally your path will lead you directly in Touchéti. Incredible mountainous region in northeastern Georgia, is a real treasure of the Georgian Caucasian part. Do not be surprised that local traditions are still quite conservative, and may seem a little strange to urban people.

Tour Plan


Arrive - Tbilisi

Arrive in Georgia, Tbilisi. Transfert to the hotel.

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Visit the capital of Georgia

Walking tour of the old town of Tbilisi. Medieval church: Metekhi (13th century), Sioni cathedral, Anchiskhati (6th century.) - the oldest church in the city, the synagogue, the Narikala fortress (4th century), the mosque, the oriental district of the sulfur baths ( 17th century). Visit the National Museum of the Treasury of Georgia: the exhibition of gold from the 3rd millennium (av J / C).

Overnight in Tbilisi.


Discover semi-desert area David Gareja

We take the road to the Kakheti region, known for its wines and vineyards. Visit the monastic complex of David Garedja, unmissable site located in a steppe desert on the border with Azerbaijan. Garedja is the name of the region. Originally, one of the thirteen Syrian fathers, David came to settle in a cave in this semi-desert region in the sixth century. Nowadays, the complex is home to a dozen monks. Climb on foot and visit the caves to discover the frescoes of the IX century.

Overnight in Telavi.


Departure to Toucheti

We go directly to Touchétie (UNESCO), the mountainous, hard-to-reach area in eastern Georgia on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus. Through Aban Pass (2900m), we follow the road to Omalo, the central village of Touchétie. During this trip, we will have magnificent views all around. We will have the opportunity to visit the Kesselos Towers Museum in Omalo.

Overnight in Omalo in a guesthouse.

Distance and time to drive: 100 km, 5h.


Visit the village Diklo

We leave Omalo to visit the village Shénako, a small village with its old typical houses, a beautiful church a bit far. The continuation to the village Diklo, then Dzveli (old) Diklo and the ruins of the fortress on the rocks from which one sees a beautiful valley and the part of the Greater Caucasus of Daghestan (F. Russian). We return to Diklo.

Overnight in Diklo in a guesthouse.

Distance to ride a horse and to walk: 26 km.


Village Dartlo

We take the direction for Chigho village. Then we continue towards Dartlo, known for its architecture and magnificent towers. If possible, we can visit the villages Kvavlo and Dano.

Overnight in Dartlo in a guesthouse.

Distance to ride a horse and to walk: 23 km.


Village Parsma

We continue our way in a picturesque valley. We visit a beautiful village Parsma with small houses, watchtowers, sacred places (for women it is forbidden to approach them.) In all the Touchétie, there are still cults and traditions derived from the pagan religion, we celebrate every year in summer in July and August). Pass Nakaicho pass (2903 m) and cross the village Dadikurta. We stop at Verkhovani village or Djvarbosseli.

Overnight in Verkhovani (Djvarboseli) in a guesthouse.

Distance to ride a horse and to walk: 15 km.



On this day we visit another valley Gometsari and its villages: Iliurta, Vestomta, Gogrulta - giving the impression of being hanged on the slopes of the mountains. Today we stop our trip in the village Dotchou, very beautiful of its houses built in rocky bricks.

Overnight in Dotchu in a guesthouse.

Distance to ride a horse and to walk: 16 km.



Our destination follows us to the village Botchorna, the highest inhabited village in Europe (at 2345 m) and without a doubt, we will have a dazzling panorama. The continuation to Omalo.

Overnight in Omalo in a guesthouse.

Distance to ride a horse and to walk: 14 km.


Return to Tbilisi

That day, we leave Omalo and all the beauty of Touchéti. We take our long and wonderful road passing Abano Pass at 2.950 m. We descend to Alvani, a large village of Les Touches. Finally we return to Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Distance and time to drive: 160 km, 6h.



Transfert to airoport. Departure.

Tour Location

ITINERARY Day 1 Arrive - Tbilisi Day 2 Visit the capital of Georgia Day 3 Discover semi-desert area David Gareja Day 4 Departure to Toucheti Day 5 Visit the village Diklo Day 6 Village Dartlo Day 7 Village Parsma Day 8 Dotchu Day 9 Bochorma Day 10 Return to Tbilisi Day 11 Departure  
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