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Traveling to Georgia isn't just a cultural event – it's a foodie feast! The variety of dishes, the authentic tastes, the natural and tasty food products, the local spices but also the tradition of the table are interesting and very attractive for the county visitors. Georgian cuisine will satisfy all

In this section, we provide information about Georgia's hotel service. For visitors to Georgia, there are quite a few accommodation choices. On the territory of the country, you can meet almost all types of hotels. 4 or 5-star luxury hotels, very typical boutique hotels, hostels for young people, apartments, and

Visiting Georgia is beneficial for those interested in culture, history, social life, but also in sport. You will find here several sporting activities throughout the year. Ski resorts with slopes suitable for different age groups, rafting and kayaking on large rivers, horseback riding or paragliding and Enduro etc. you just

The trip is not just about visiting cultural or historical places, there are also landmark events or places that are interesting, very authentic and dynamic where you will feel the daily pulse of Georgia. It should be noted that the country is centralized and the most important events, as usual,